Farmers' Market in Port Sanilac

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Market Spotlights & Updates

Come Meet the Farmers


Life today can seem too fast paced. We miss the days when we sat on the porch and chatted with the neighbors in the evenings. An afternoon at the market gives you an opportunity to slow down a bit and savor some interaction with your neighbors, or maybe even make new friends! One thing’s for certain, a few trips to the market will help you ‘put a face on your food.’ When you get to know the local folks who grow what you eat and learn about their farming practices, you can feel more secure about the safety of your food. So stop by the market to see what’s in store for you.

Shopping at the Port Sanilac Farmers’ Market lets you experience that feeling of closeness. You can meet the farmers who grow and make the food you eat, say hello to your neighbors out doing their weekly shopping for wholesome foods grown or made right here in the Thumb, and while you’re here pick up a little something special from one of our local artisans.

Celebrate the wonderful diversity available in Sanilac, Huron, and Tuscola Counties. The Port Sanilac Farmers’ Market is a strict producers market. This means that all goods must be made or grown here. No vegetables or finished products can be trucked in. This guarantees that the items you buy at the market are truly local.