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Fishing in Port Sanilac

Port Sanilac is a popular fishing destination. Perch are widely available, as well as salmon and walleye.

The DNR boat launch offers a convenient place to take off from. It also features a public fish cleaning station, complete with stainless steel cleaning stations and a “guts grinder”.

Parking is available on-site.

For the little kids and boatless, there is always fishing off of the break wall. You can catch perch, salmon, walleye, & lake trout.

Perch, Salmon, Trout & Walleye – We Got ‘Em


Port Sanilac is fast becoming the number one fishing destination for perch in the state.

From late June through mid-August the perch abound and fishermen can’t get enough of them.

The rest of the year we have everything from perch off the break wall for the most novice of fishers to salmon and walleye for the big game fishermen with large boats.

Stop by our local bait shop before you set your lines for the latest news on what’s biting today. Please visit us here.