Raymond Hardware

Raymond Hardware has been recognized by the State of Michigan as Michigan’s oldest, continually operating hardware store.

Raymond Hardware was established in 1850, by Uri Raymond, on the beach of the town then known as Bark Shanty Pointe. From that location Mr. Raymond sold hardware and supplies shipped in from Cleveland.

In 1868 Uri Raymond bought the sail shop at 29 S. Ridge St., the present location of Raymond Hardware, and relocated his store. The business remained in the Raymond family until 1969, with Uri’s son Fred operating it from Uri’s death in 1899 until his own death in 1931. Fred’s son Oli then maintained the business until 1969 when it was sold to an outside investor.

Raymond Hardware has been owned by Judy Blaine (Blaine Investments) since 1997. Raymond True Value Hardware continues to operate as a full service hardware supply and lumber yard.

Reportedly haunted by Fred Raymond, the store is a not-to-be-missed attraction of Port Sanilac.