Village of Port Sanilac

3:30pm: The Alligators

Detroit has a very rich musical history. over the years many artists have gone out in the world and made their Detroit roots known. Yet there are many more artists who have labored away year after year, staying in and around the general region. One of these gems is The Alligators.

The Alligators have become a fixture on the Midwestern blues scene playing what has developed into a personal and distinct style of blues. They have been doing this for over thirty-one years. A remarkable feat in itself. The Alligators have always had the attitude that the music will be their guide. Make no mistake these guys are not afraid to say exactly how they feel. They do, however, feel that the music they make speaks loudest about who they are. The politics, and cliques that exist have never held any allure to them. Thirty-one years is a long time. Bands come and go, sometimes 2 or 3 times in that time span. The Alligators have outlived just about all of them. Simply by doing what they do the best. Playing their music. This is a band that can get a large festival audience on it’s feet in a matter of minutes, or play sweet gut bucket blues to a small intimate audience with absolute conviction. Their roots run from the deepest delta forefathers to the contemporary, with many stops along the way.

The Alligators are 5 journeymen who have found themselves on a train that shows no sign of running out of steam anytime soon. These are the artists that deserve notice for, if nothing else, keeping their art form intact. Bands like the Alligators not only do that, they have enriched the art form. What keeps an art form alive is nurturing & growth. The Alligators are more than apt at this task. When the latest fad arrives and passes who is still standing? Stalwarts like The Alligators. Innovators and caretakers of the music who will never give in to those passing fads. Every City or Region has a few of these artists in their midst. Take notice of them, recognize them, give them their do. American culture is alive & thriving because of these folks.

Read their full bio here.