Village of Port Sanilac

5:30pm: Bobby Murray with Lenny and Tosha

Tosha Owens.

From her trademark fedora hat to her marvelous mix of Blues, Rock, Funk, and R&B, Detroit singer Tosha Owens has the word performer written all over her.  While most singers struggle to create a unique Brand Identity for themselves, there’s no doubting what Tosha is all about and why audiences are always asking for more.

If you miss the sounds of classic Rock singers like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nix or Pat Benatar, Tosha will bring them back for you. If you want some Funk, her covers of Chaka Khan will thrill you.  And if you yearn for the Rhythm and Blues sounds of singers like Gladys Knight or Etta James, she’ll give you that, too.

Tosha’s distinctive and versatile voice can be heard on the stages of popular Detroit venues like “St. Andrews Hall, Bert’s Place, Callahan’s Music Hall, The Ribs & Blues Festival, The Concert of Colors, The Magic Bag, and MGM Grand Detroit.  When Tosha performs, she always packs the house with a longtime following of dedicated fans and new admirers. Why? Because she delivers a unique sound and performance that no other Detroit singer can provide. “she’s gritty. “she’s bluesy. “she’s funky. “she rocks. Her recent collaboration with Motown producer, Barrett Strong, is even more testimony to her talent and appeal.