The Port Sanilac Village Council is the main governing body for the village. They administer all the various departments and ordinances that help our village to be successful.

The six trustees and village president are elected by residents of the village.

There are also two appointed positions of treasurer and village clerk which are chosen by the board.


Bark Shanty Community Center

Meeting Room 3
135 Church St. Port Sanilac, MI 48469

Code of Ordinances

Table of Contents

Title I: General Provisions

Title III: Administration

Title V: Public Works

Title VII: Traffic Code

Title IX: General Regulations

Title XI: Business Regulations

111. Farmer's Markets

Title XIII: General Offenses

Title XV: Land Usage

Table of Special Ordinances

Parallel References 

Copies or questions regarding specific Ordinances can be obtained at the Village Office.

Village Ordinances


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