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The Port Sanilac Village Council is the main governing body for the village. They administer all the various departments and ordinances that help our village to be successful.

The six trustees and village president are elected by residents of the village.

There are also two appointed positions of treasurer and village clerk which are chosen by the board.


Bark Shanty Community Center

Meeting Room 3
135 Church St. Port Sanilac, MI 48469

Parks & Recreation

The Village of Port Sanilac Parks and Recreation is now a Department of the Village. We are upgrading our parks and looking to acquire new park sites within the Village. We are planning to provide recreation opportunities across the entire Village. We are also planning to expand Parks and Recreation programs to provide year-round opportunities for children, adults and seasoned citizens. If you have questions regarding Parks and Recreation or have suggestions as to how we may improve Parks and Recreation opportunities, please leave a message for our Parks and Recreation Co-Ordinator.

Parks and Recreation Coordinator

Chad Gainor

* 2024 Fireworks Date Scheduled for July 6th 2024

2024 Music in the Park

2024 Village of Port Sanilac Event Schedule

Family Game Night 2024
*Changed to the 2nd Sunday of the Month from 3-5pm

Garden Walk 2024

5 Year Recreation Plan Draft


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