Village of Port Sanilac

Historic Village & Museum

The Sanilac County Historic Village and Museum is home to more than a dozen historic buildings. The ten acre site is part of the estate of Dr. Joseph Loop and boasts beautiful gardens and Victorian, Edwardian, and vintage buildings and exhibits. The museum society also hosts a number of fun and interesting events throughout the year.

A visit to the museum gives you a look back in time to the way life used to be in this lumbering, farming, and seafaring community. Children will be interested in seeing how their great-grandparents learned their ABCs in the one-room 19th century schoolhouse. And children of all ages can enjoy the General Store, period-furnished mansion, marine shipwreck items, military memorabilia, and Native American artifacts.

The Barn Theatre is here, too. You won’t believe the great performances put on in the Loop family’s 1880’s era barn. So pay the Sanilac County Historic Village and Museum a visit. Take a trip back in time. It’s well worth your time.